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Will my spouse inherit my house after my death if their name is on the title?

If both you and your spouse's name is on the title to your home, it makes no difference, after your death your spouse will not automatically inherit your half of the house.  Texas has no right of survivorship between spouses to inherit real property.  However, real property owners in Texas may file a TRANSFER ON DEATH DEED designating that the survivor, or another named beneficiary, will inherit the real property immediately upon death, wtihout the expense and time required of probate.   By having this TRANSFER ON DEATH DEED signed and filed with all the legal requirements, your house does not have to be transferred under a Will, and probating your estate just to transfer your real estate should not be necessary for the surviving joint owner or named beneficiary of real property to become the legal owner.  Call me today to schedule an appointment and learn more tips for your loved ones to avoid probate after your death!  817-842-0220